Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Beutskin Announcement (updated)!


Dear ladies, Beutskin Essence stocks this week semua dah pos hari nih. Like stated before in previous entry, priority will be given for customers yang dah bayar deposit. Good news for everyone, ready stock dah ada and payment by this Sunday, saya akan pos on Monday.

I favor 'first booked and paid, first served” policy for customers, which means customer who made the very first payment, shall have the entitlement of purchase for the current week stocks. For customers who may fail to pay earlier, anda boleh tunggu new stocks coming in the other week or you may ask for refund back just in case payment dah dibuat tapi lewat and anda tak nak menunggu. InsyaAllah saya akan keep on update stocks availability thorugh email yer :)

I only deal with serious customers, serious customers here means you booked and you will pay within 24 hours. If payment lewat, your order kena queue up sebab customers lain yang dah bayar akan dapat purchase terlebih dahulu.

To order, please provide below details and send to

full name
tel num
ic num

1 box- RM230, postage is RM6 for Semenanjung and RM8 for Sabah and Sarawak.

Untuk repeat order customers, 1 box cuma RM200 only ya sebab dah register ahli. But I need the above details also sebab tak terdaya nak check email lepas-lepas terlalu banyak :)

Trial pack also boleh request if nak, 10 biji (RM45)/ 20biji (RM90) /30biji (RM130).

Till then, have a nice day.


P/S: For those yang dah buat payment and saya dah pos, tracking number will be given upon request. Thank u!

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