Sunday, April 13, 2014

New Life Begins.


It has been a while since I wrote about my personal life stories. Been busy with my Shaklee business, that's my current job and I am loving it to the most. Well, now I had started living with my dear husband in Pasir Gudang, Johore and it is already a week ever since I am here. Alhamdulillah, feeling happy that right now I could be right beside hubby every day, even though I am sad too for leaving my mum. The feeling is like going to the boarding school, just that now I am leaving for a new life ----> a marriage life ..

Ibu and adik, I am missing you already..

Being a housewife is such a great feeling, tak bosan pun. Bangun pagi and kejut hubby for Subuh prayer, then hubby siap nak pergi kerja while I siapkan his breakfast. Hubby pergi kerja I layan channel AFC and all the dramas yang ada. Usually hubby tak balik lunch so I masak apa I nak makan jer and later at 3 pm only I will start cooking for him sebab dia balik kerja at 5 something.

Why do I love my current job as a housewife and a Shaklee businesswoman:

1- Dapat spend more time with hubby
2- Banyak masa terluang nak buat amalan sunat: Dhuha, mengaji, etc
3- Dapat spend more time with anak cucu business and also dear customers
4- Dapat main masak masak kat dapur
5- No stress, no more worrying kerja office tak siap and division membebel

What more can I expect? Even though my life is not so perfect, but I just love the way it is. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for everything :') This is such a huge blessing.

...and everything has changed when you came along, of course to a better one :)

So Pasir Gudang people yang nak COD Shaklee after this you may just WeChat me my id is lyanahisham or email to me at, then only I will provide my number. Special for my dear customers only boleh Whatsapp anytime aje. Consultation and follow up adalah hak uols after purchase.

For those yang still wondering what does Shaklee offers:

Set Kecantikan for flawless skin
Set Slimming for kurus menawan
Set Kehamilan for preggy mommies
Set Berpantang for fast recovery, milk booster, 
Set Sendi for sakit kaki, lutut, tulang, etc

And many more. Shaklee also offers Vivix, the best supplement for renewing body cells. Vivix is not only for anti-aging buat also good for those yang suffer from cancer and having chemo, insyaAllah Vivix helps to renew back your body cells. For smokers, also highly recommended to take Vivix insyaAllah it will help you to throw away your cigarettes :)

Rajin-rajin tengok my side bar and click the links for a better reading on te sets and products that Shaklee offers okayh? Till then, insyaAllah nanti I will update about my new home sweet home pulak.

May Allah ease your days ahead.

Assalamualaikum lovelies :)

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Masreena said...

"The feeling is like to going boarding school"

hehe.. dulu pun masa baru-baru kahwin parent rasa benda yg sama je bila akak start duduk dgn suami =P

Anyway, tahniah Lyana sebab memahami tanggungjawab sebenar seorang isteri dan bakal ibu... akak sokong 200% dengan keputusan Lyana.. syukur alhamdulillah, tak sia-sia akak follow blog Lyana drpd dulu.. di saat-saat lelaki Melayu expect isteri berkerjaya, akhirnya nampak juga dalam dunia moden hari ini keluarga Lyana sebagai contoh.. keep it up! Semoga berjaya! =D

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